Passionista Sistas: For Women Who Are Passionate About Living Their Best Life In All Its Amazing, Inspiring, Unpredictable Glory

Welcome to Passionista Sistas!

Passionista: Someone who juggles multiple passions with a desire to achieve them all.

Sistas: Women who support other women all around the world.

Passionista Sistas: We're a quirky, upbeat and supportive online community for women who are passionate about living their best life in all its amazing, inspiring, unpredictable glory: women all over the world who are passionately working, passionately creating, passionately parenting, passionately caring, passionately travelling, passionately ageing.

Whether you're immersed in your one true passion or juggling multiple passions, this is a place for you to shamelessly shine with all your passionate might!

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