Launched! New Global Community For Women Who Are Passionate About Life In All Its Amazing, Inspiring, Unpredictable Glory

Passionista Sistas - Women On Beach

Phew! Longest headline EVER!

Let's get the definitions sorted straight away to avoid other kooky meanings falling through the cracks.

Passionista: Someone who juggles multiple passions with a desire to revel in them all.

Sistas: Women who support other women all around the world.

Welcome to Passionista Sistas!

Tea and I are super excited to be launching this collaborative global support project for women. Tea (who lives in Croatia) and I (Elissa, who lives in Australia) have never met in person, yet we've enjoyed working together for almost five years on a variety of virtual publishing and ecommerce projects.

We keep each other in line, with lots of laughs thrown in along the way. We rejoice in each other's successes and respect each other's struggles.

Which is pretty much what Passionista Sistas is all about.

Whether you're immersed in your one true passion or juggling multiple passions, Passionista Sistas is a place for you to shamelessly share your shine with all your passionate might - either on our social media platforms or your own!

Passionista Sistas also runs Passionista Sistas Support Facebook Group. This is a space where women all over the world can share their joys and their struggles with other women all over the world who totally get it - your passionista sistas!

Discover and share videos, images, stories, poems or simply a few words!

My joy today is ...

My struggle today is ... 

You can also connect with Passionista Sistas on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Pinterest. #passionistasistas

Now for some other awesome news...

Tea and I are the most efficient, quality, affordable, blog writing and production team in the world. That's what we reckon, anyway! Do you want a blog written and produced for your business? Hit us up for blog writing for engagement or SEO. Check out our deals on the Passion For Blogging section of our website.

We also love curating cool products to help you live life in all its amazing, inspiring and unpredictable glory! Check out the Passion For Life Shop for some great ideas.

We'll be working on refining our shop into the future to better suit the needs and desires of our fellow Passionista Sistas. Drop us a line if you know of a product you'd like us to sell.

We love receiving old school emails from our passionista sistas! Reach out to us anytime at We're all part of the same global community of women being women. We talk back!

Cheers big ears!


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