Who's behind Passionista Sistas?

Passionista Sistas is a passionate partnership of two passionate women who live on opposite ends of the earth. After years of working together while juggling multiple passions, we've come together to inspire other passionate women to do the same.

Elissa Jenkins and Tea Fijala might be world's apart geographically, but when we started working regularly together in a virtual environment, we both realised how small the working world really was - and that such working relationships could be mutually beneficial rather than exploitative. We decided to join forces to create Passionista Sistas, an online community where passionate women can shamelessly shine with all their passionate might!

Who is Elissa?

Elissa Jenkins - Passionista Sistas - Woman With Pink Hair Holding A Blue Puppet In Front Of A Festival Audience

Elissa is a writer, publisher and puppeteer. Residing in monolingual Australia, she regretfully only knows English expertly, but is pretty good at hacking together enough travelling Italian and French to ask for a beer, a bathroom and a bed. She's a forty something grrrl boss, non-fiction writer and children's entertainer who's passionate about wildlife conservation, marine conservation, the earth charter, universally protected human, women's and children's rights, and smashing fascism.

Living with a rare disease, she's also passionate about women's health, particularly the recent and growing evidence-based "health not diets" or non-diet approaches to health. She's a body neutrality champion, age with attitude proponent and sustainability supporter who loves sharing #everydayjoy and rocking neon hair like it's going out of fashion.

Elissa is married to Australian puppeteer, musician and illustrator Brett Hansen. While they live together on an island in Australia in a beautiful home by the sea, they're on the road touring quite a bit - working, living and playing together. They met later in life, so decided not to have kids. But they love performing for the little munchkins.

Who is Tea?

Tea Fijala - Passionista Sistas

Tea, who lives in beautiful Croatia, is the mother of two lovely daughters Zoa and Vita, aged 2 and 7. Somehow, despite still looking twenty something, she's been with her partner for 16 years since she was 19. She speaks English and Croatian.

Tea has a Masters In Law, but never went that way. Instead, she works remotely as a Project Manager for a Malta-based company and has been freelancing globally and remotely since 2013.

Tea is passionate about DIY, travel, living healthy, meeting new people and gaining new experiences. She loves a challenge and never gives up.

Tea has a wicked sense of humour, creative spirit and kind heart which could explain why her beautiful family and friends are always there for her.