Passion For Blogging

Blog writing and production is our #1 area of expertise.

Blog Writing & Production – $130 US (approx $185 AUD)

Passionista Sistas makes blog writing and production super easy. We do the lot. Whether it’s for engagement or SEO purposes, Passionista Sistas – for just $130 US – will:

  • Write a 600-800 word blog in Australian, UK or US English, optimised for SEO if required.
  • Write a catchy, engaging headline, optimised for SEO if required.
  • Upload the blog piece to a platform of your choice (e.g. WordPress).
  • Include at least 2 photos (e.g. page image, feature image and/or social share image).
  • Ensure each image is sized, optimised then crunched for fast site speed (e.g. under 70KB per image).
  • Upload each image with SEO-friendly file name.
  • Upload each image with Title, Alt Text and Description (if using tool like WordPress).
  • Include an SEO title and Meta description (if using a tool like Yoast SEO).
  • Make it social media share friendly (if using a tool like Yoast SEO).

This means your website’s blog piece will be perfectly optimised for search engines and for sharing on social media for the absolutely mad set price of $185!

How does this look over a year? Well, waaaaaay more affordable than hiring someone internally that's for sure!

1 blog a month for 1 year: $1560 US (approx. $2220 AUD)
1 blog a fortnight for 1 year: $3380 US (approx. $4810 AUD)
1 blog a week for 1 year: $6760 US (approx. $9620 AUD)

We also offer a few other services that will add engagement and/or SEO value to your blog.

Need changes?

We pride ourselves in providing clean, error-free copy, but if you have any changes you'd like us to make to your blog post it will cost $55/hour US (approx $80/hour AUD).

Blog Topic Brainstorming

Passionista Sistas will create a list of blog topics for your business or cause including a brief outline of the angle or idea for the article.

52 ideas: $420 US (approx. $600 AUD)
26 ideas: $280 US (approx. $400 AUD)
12 ideas: $210 US (approx. $300 AUD)

SEO Keyword Research

Passionista Sistas will carry out SEO keyword research for your business or cause to determine which keywords to optimise in your blog article.

52 keywords: $210 US (approx. $300 AUD)
26 keywords: $175 US (approx. $250 AUD)
12 keywords: $140 US (approx. $200 AUD)

Fancy a chat about all this? Email me or call Elissa in Australia on +61 418 786 986.